Drug Crimes Defense Attorney

Drug offenses can range from minor charges to extremely serious ones. Drug offenses include:

  • Manufacturing
  • DUII Driving while under the influence of a controlled substance
  • Possession of a controlled substance
  • Delivery of a controlled substance

Our office has extensive experience helping clients fight charges of drug possession, delivery, distribution and manufacturing. If you are facing commercial drug offenses, we will fight to drop this classification from your charges and reduce your sentence.

The State of Oregon must prove at least three of the following to convict you of a commercial drug offense:

  • Delivery of a Drug such as marijuana, heroin, or other substances for consideration (money)
  • Possession of $300 or more in cash
  • Possession of a customer or transaction list
  • Possession of lands used to manufacture drugs
  • Possession of Firearms
  • Possession of materials used for packaging drugs (scales or foil)
  • Possession of stolen property

In addition, the quantity of the drug can also be a factor in determining if the offense is a commercial drug offense. Our office can fight these allegations by scrutinizing the conduct of law enforcement to determine whether your rights were violated during your arrest. If a search warrant was administered, we will make sure that it was carried out in compliance with Oregon State Law. Recent legislation has changed the level of possession charge to a misdemeanor. Contact our office for a free consultation today to see if your case qualifies.

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